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New GLXY BNDTX track "Crash And Burn" is the first of a roll out for this season's content:

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Introducing ZALEN_! - the new YYIVU supergroup.

Put together from YYIVU's finest and most prolific producers, new residents ZALEN_! offer their debut upload, "Memories", featuing the incredible voice of Ava Banks as a guest on the first of many more tracks from the group in 2021. There is a free download of the song available via SoundCloud.

The NRV Mixtape // + more minimixes from YYIVU

To celebrate The NRV back catalogue, and to introduce our new music section - including new tracks, mixtapes, music videos and records - The NRV presents a minimix of giant, melodic EDM.

"The Tell All EP" - GLXY BNDTX // teaser below:

Check out this teaser for the debut release from GLXY BNDTX, "The Tell All EP" - available now on iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, TikTok and all major streaming platforms.

Visit "The Tell All EP" on iTunes

New from DXXTH RXYS - "SORRY SON EP" // choose your price.

The second EP from YYIVU house moniker DXXTH RYS, "SORRY SON EP" appears six years after "Haunted By Pirates EP" (available for free in the music section of our website). Hosted on Bandcamp, and available for any price you name (from £0+), this record is a return to the dark and experimental DXXTH RXYS sound. Click the banner below to be re-directed to the bandcamp page, or visit the YYIVU YouTube channel for the B-side "In My Dreams", choice tracks from the EP, and a live performance video. Also available on our YouTube is an extended version of the record with skits, spoken word inserts and motifs.

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YYIVU Records Spring / Summer 2021 Catalogue is on the way.

Check out the teaser under the "Features" header for what to expect from the lineup.

2020 Winter Mixtape EP now available for free / any amount on BandCamp.

Featuring an exclusive copy of Terra Slim's "Don't Jump The Gun", a copy of the the first track released by new YYIVU Supergroup ZALEN_! (featuring Ava Banks), a track from the first ever YYIVU release Chaos And Light EP by The NRV, the single "Different Codes" from the GLXY BNDTX 2020 debut The Tell All EP, and the track "Stranger's Face" from the 2020 DXXTH RXYS release, SORRY SON EP. This release also comes with a PDF of the liner notes for the record, including lyrics, a selection of photography from 2020, and a "Director's Commentary" style article. Visit the music section of the website for access to this record. or click the image below to visit the BandCamp page.

Episode_008 "Just Some Thoughts Pt. II" available to watch now.

Filmed in Europe, Bristol and London, this latest episode concludes the previous installment. Telling the story of the highs and lows of summer 2020, the YYIVU comic is back. Watch it via the YYIVU YouTube channel below, or visit the Episodes page for more short films from the label.

Check out our new "Music" section for

new tracks, mixtapes and music videos.

To mark the publishing of the Autumn / Winter catalogue, our music page has been completely re-fitted with all of the latest music, audio and video content from the label. On the page you will find three new mixtapes from DXXTH RXYS, two minimixes from The NRV, two new GLXY BNDTX music videos, and choice tracks from YYIVU.

Click To Visit Our Music Page

Watch the teaser video for "Chaos And Light EP", the debut record from The NRV, available below.

The first upload for the montly roll-out of the label records, this teaser video showcases the debut release from The NRV, "Chaos And Light EP", now available on iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, TikTok and all major streaming platforms.

Visit "Chaos And Light EP" on iTunes

DXXTH RXYS returns with new EP and live performance taping.

House and experimnetal label moniker DXXTH RXYS released "SORRY SON EP" in September, for any price nominated by the listener (from £0.00+). To showcase the new material alongside the original "Haunted By Pirates EP" tracks, there is now a live performance tape of the chaotic DJ style of the act available to watch on YouTube.

The Bandits ride a viral wave with "We Luv U Krystal (You Have Our 909)" video

YYIVU's resident dance-rock comic book heroes have their heart in the right place with this electro spin on a 2020 meme. Come for the [crying with laughter emoji] and stay for the electro house.

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