YYVISION // Episodes

Click the videos below to see short stories from YYIVU Records, hosted on our YouTube channel.

Just Some Thoughts Pt. II_Episode 008

The conclusion to the previous installment, the YYIVU comic returns to finish the story of the highs and lows of the label during summer 2020. Featuring footage from Europe, Bristol and London, and set to a DXXTH RXYS soundtrack, you will also find a teaser of the GLXY BNDTX 2021 album "Interspace Highway Thieves" in the second half. And yes, it does have Biscuits the puppy at the end (again).

Just Some Thoughts Pt. I_Episode 007

A short YYIVU comic featuring the adorable puppy Biscuits. Let's face it, you're only watching to see the cute puppy.

Make Room For The Bandits Part II_006

Electro Punks GLXY BNDTX show more noisy behind-the-scenes prep and thoughts.

Make Room For The Bandits_005

Electro Rock N Roll band GLXY BNDTX prepare some noisy shows on this trip into the world of the bandits.

A Day In The Life_004

Featuring a bootleg remix from The Nerve, merchandise design, shots from around Bristol and general HQ work.

Swift Thrifting_003: Charity Shop Shopping

Investigating the potential of charity shops for a new enterprise, and proving money isn't everything.

Cray News_001: A Victory Video

Securing funding from an EU scheme to begin the label...

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