Should the buyer be dissatisfied with their unused product for any reason and wish to request a refund, they should notify by filling out the form below, or writing to YYIVU Records, 59 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5NU within 14 days of the original purchase, detailing the date and address of the purchase. After notification, the customer has a further 14 days to send the unused item to the above address marked "Returns" alongside the name of the customer, for a full refund (including the initial shipping cost of the original purchase), paid into the bank account associated with the original purchase. This refund does not include shipment of the returned item from the customer to the address above, unless the item is proven to be faulty (see below). Only the original buyer may return an item.

Please also note that If the item is proven to be faulty upon reception by the customer after purchase, there is a 6 month period to return the item where shipment of the returned item will also be refunded.

To cancel an item, please fill out the form below detailing the cancellation. If the item is shipped before cancellation, the customer should follow as above to proceed with a return.

Please also note that some bank details for the transfer of the refund may be requested (account number and sort code).

Upon cancellation of an item, reception of a returned item or an item proven to be faulty, the refund may take up to 10 days to process.

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