we encourage you to watch this video with the sound on.

YYIVU_SOUND is the design division of the label, using our workstation studios, recording spaces and producers to create music and audio for video, film and other projects.

Feel free to fill out the form to begin a dialogue about your audio needs - please note our Privacy Policy is here:

Privacy Policy


To make things easier, here is a list of the type of services YYIVU_SOUND is equipped for:

- Sound design for short films such as advertisments, YouTube videos and promotional pieces.

- Score - get the sound of our record label YYIVU for your content, or direct our team to something of your own.

- Full length instrumental tracks - we have a small team of talented producers ready to compose, edit and mix great music.

- Audio effects - there is a lot in the power of audio. One shots, jingles, special effect sounds.

- Audio editing - perhaps your video has sound but needs something more out of the audio track?

- Vocieover work - we are used to being in front of the microphone, so narration, idents and voice clips are also part of what we can do.

- Video editing - you might have noticed our label makes short episodes about our brand. If you like the look of them, we can do something similar for your footage.

The YYIVU_SOUND project is to deliver the same attitude of noise and sound, music and style to video, drawing on the same aritsts and producers as the label roster. The best way to get in touch about the service is to use the form above, giving any detail or description you like about your requirements.

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